RFP: FORCE Strategic Opportunity Assessment

Published September 13, 2022

The Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) was created over a decade ago as a catalyst and steward to the responsible development of tidal energy in Nova Scotia. Since its beginning, FORCE has acted as a trusted advisor to the federal and provincial governments on the development of renewable energy.

An important aspect of FORCE’s mandate relates to science, engagement, and environmental monitoring; in the course of this work, FORCE has acquired significant operational and scientific expertise. FORCE seeks to maintain and extend its capabilities in the marine sector by ensuring its technical and human assets can serve the demands of the FORCE test site and additional activities for which FORCE may be called upon.

There have been many developments, changes, and lessons over the last number of years as the industry’s financing structure and technology has evolved, and as governmental goals, objectives and targets have grown, including net zero initiatives.

In this context, FORCE, with the support of the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, seeks the support of an external consultant to assist with the preparation of an assessment of FORCE’s structure and governance to optimize the delivery of its mandate and ensure strategic alignment with provincial and federal goals for marine renewable energy.

The work will take place between September and the end of October 2022.

The areas to be covered include:

  • Key infrastructure, knowledge and capacities at FORCE;
  • Funding sources and opportunities assessment;
  • Governance and structural considerations;
  • Key stakeholder and rightsholder audit;
  • International and national environmental scan on offshore energy; and
  • Federal and Provincial legislative framework assessment and review.

Specifically, the consultant will provide a framework for approval by the project steering committee, including a project timeline and proposed budget (inclusive of all fees and taxes).

The deliverable is to be a final report to the Board of FORCE, to be delivered on or before October 31, 2022. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis from September 13th through to the proposal close date of September 21st.

All proposals should include the consultant’s background and expertise related to the subject area, including working with hybrid non-profit groups with a broad mandate impacted by government authorities.

Please direct any questions to: jobs@fundyforce.ca