Environmental Monitoring of Seabed Sediment Stability, Transport and Benthic Habitat at the Reference Site and the Vicinity of the NSPI TISEC Location in the Minas Passage

As part of a monitoring plan for the FORCE in stream tidal power demonstration site, surveys were conducted at the pre determined Reference Site and the location of the Nova Scotia Power Inc/Open Hydro test deployment site in the northern region of Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy. Surveys were undertaken by Seaforth Engineering using a towed sidescan sonar system as well as towed video camera. The sonograms were processed and sidescan sonar mosaics were produced. This information was interpreted, compared and contrasted with previously collected multibeam bathymetry and derived backscatter and slope imagery, as well as sidescan sonograms to determined both natural change and possible effects of the turbine placement, operation and removal over a one year time frame. 

Investigators: Gordon Fader of Atlantic Marine Geological Consulting Limited in conjunction with Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. 

This resource is also available as Appendix 10 in the 2011 Environmental Effects Monitoring Program report.