Minas Passage Lobster Tracking Study, 2011-2013

Preliminary studies completed in the Minas Passage (Lockhart-Bastian et al., 2009, Collins, 2011) confirmed the presence of lobsters in the area and the FORCE test site. Conventional tagging methods were used with limited success as they provided data only during the fishing season. In order to gain higher temporal resolution and more data on fine-scale movements in and around the FORCE test site, Minas Basin lobsters were tagged with VEMCO tracking technology in both 2011 and 2012. 

The acoustic receiver lines were in place over the winter and spring period of 2012-2013 and thus offered an opportunity to assess lobster movements on a more continuous basis.


Prepared by: Kaycee Morrison, Jeremy Broome, and Anna M. Redden of Acadia University 

This resource is also available as Appendix F in the 2011-2013 Environmental Effects Monitoring Program report.