Marine Mammal Environmental Effects Monitoring Program – 1st Year (2017) Monitoring Report

This report firstly summarizes the dynamic temporal patterns in porpoise presence in Minas Passage 2011-2017 related to key environmental covariates, notably annual, seasonal, tidal and day vs night variability. It is important to note that temporal coverage was intermittent over this period, with only one winter-early spring period of baseline. Spring through fall data was better represented with two or three years of data collection. The researchers then use this information to provide a statistical analysis of the distribution and activity of harbor porpoise around the FORCE demonstration area in response to the installation and operation of the turbine during the 2nd of the 2016/2017 C-POD deployments, for which data from 5 C-PODs was available. 

This report is also included as Appendix 3 in the 2017 Annual Environmental Effects Monitoring Report.