FORCE Marine Mammal EEMP – Year 4 Interim Report

This interim report provides summary data for the eleventh deployment of C-PODs in FORCE’s ongoing multi-year EEMP, representing the 1st deployment of the fourth year of the EEMP. Data covers the period between August 2019 through January 2020. Results include data collected from five C-PODs representing a total of 636 days of monitoring of the FORCE site.

Porpoise were detected on at least one C-POD every monitored day with a median of 11 minutes of porpoise presence per day. The Location S2 had the highest probability of detecting a porpoise in a 10- minute period (9.02% of 10-min periods contained porpoise) while the other locations varied from 3.3 to 4.74 %. The mean percent of lost time due to sediment noise (19.5%) was comparable to previous deployments.