Environmental Effects Monitoring Program Quarterly Report April-June 2022

This report provides a summary of monitoring activities and data analyses completed at the FORCE site up to the end of the second quarter of 2022. In addition, it also highlights findings from international research efforts, previous data collection periods at the FORCE site, and additional research work that is being conducted by FORCE and its partners. This includes supporting fish tagging efforts with Acadia University and the Ocean Tracking Network, radar research projects, subsea instrumentation platform deployments through the Fundy Advanced Sensor Technology (FAST) Program, and a new research and development program called the VITALITY Innovation Ecosystem Activity Project. Finally, the report presents details regarding future research and monitoring efforts at the FORCE test site. 

Key updates in this report include:

- On May 11th Sustainable Marine announced it has successfully delivered the first floating tidal stream energy power to Nova Scotia’s power grid through their PLAT-I system in Grand Passage.

- On April 7th FORCE hosted a half-day workshop in Halifax focused on advancing understanding of the precautionary principle as it applies to the regulation of the marine renewable energy sector. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders, rights holders, and regulators to better understand the precautionary principle and the benefits and challenges it brings to regulating and advancing tidal development.

- On May 4th FORCE was able to recover one of the ADCP platforms deployed under the RAP project. Work continues to recover the second platform. There was a delay in redeploying the RAP acoustic receiver array due to equipment repairs being required. This time was used to reassess the positioning of acoustic receivers on the mooring/SUBs packages and develop a more streamlined design to alleviate extensive drag and reduce damage. The line was redeployed in early May.

- Viehman et al. 2022 recently published a study examining entrained air contamination in echosounder data collected from the FORCE test site. The report is available in Appendix II of this report.

- On May 25th the VITALITY platform was successfully deployed in the Minas Passage. The platform is currently streaming live data back to the FORCE visitor centre and work is underway to make those data sets accessible to CIOOS.