EMAC Recommendations Regarding the FORCE Environmental Effects Monitoring Program for 2016 and Beyond

An instream tidal turbine demonstration project proposed by FORCE to test the feasibility of producing electrical power from the tides of the Bay of Fundy (the “Project”) received Environmental Assessment Approval in September, 2009.  In accordance with Section 3.0 of the Terms and Conditions of the Approval, an Environmental Monitoring Advisory Committee (EMAC) was established in October 2009.   EMAC is comprised of independent scientific experts and representatives from First Nations and the local fishing industry. The Committee is tasked with providing advice on the adequacy of the Environmental Effects Monitoring Program (EEMP) that FORCE is required to develop and implement under the Environmental Assessment Approval. 

EMAC reviewed FORCE's proposed EEMP design report and, based on its own experience and evaluation of the previous FORCE EEM studies, developed recommendations to FORCE concerning priorities for an EEMP.  A summary of EMAC’s general observations, comments and recommendations is provided within this document.