Detection of Marine Mammals and Effects Monitoring at the NSPI (OpenHydro) Turbine Site in the Minas Passage during 2010

The main questions addressed by this collaborative project between Acadia University and SMRU Ltd, in relation to TISEC device testing, are: 1. What are the activity levels of key cetaceans, specifically porpoises and dolphins, in the Minas Passage turbine demonstration area during late summer/fall? 2. How does porpoise and dolphin presence/activity near the deployed NSPI (OpenHydro) turbine compare with presence/activity at a control site?  
The study involved a continuous ~3 month long passive acoustic marine mammal monitoring field study (10 August 2010 – 23 November 2010) while the NSPI (OpenHydro) tidal turbine device was deployed in the Minas Passage.

This resource is also included as Appendix D in the 2009-2011 Environmental Effects Monitoring Program.