Acoustic Data Analysis of the OpenHydro Open-Centre Turbine at FORCE

This report, jointly funded by CST and FORCE, analyzes 2016–2017 data collected at the FORCE demonstration site to:

1. Compare tidal turbine sound to flow noise and how it depends on current speed, turbine state, and measurement method.

2. Estimate the possible effects of the turbine sound on marine life.  

3. Evaluate the relative utility of instrument configurations to be used moving forward when measuring the effects of new turbine configurations on the acoustic environment.

4. Provide guidance on methodologies for performing acoustic measurements near tidal turbines and processing of acoustic data to mitigate effects of flow noise. 

Authors: Bruce Martin, Christopher Whitt, Loren Horwich of JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) Ltd.  

This resource can also be found in the 2018 Environmental Effects Monitoring Program Report as Appendix 5.