Marine Advisory: updated

Cape Sharp Tidal has informed FORCE that they are preparing for turbine retrieval over the coming days (weather depending).

The turbine retrieval will involve work in the Parrsboro area, including the FORCE test site and West Bay. During the retrieval, the subsea cable will be disconnected with the Beaver Barge, then the turbine will be brought to the surface with the Scotia Tide barge and recovery frame system. The first window for this operation corresponds with neap tides from April 15 – 20.  Preliminary surveys are underway, and larger vessels are scheduled to arrive on or after April 16.

The following vessels will be present at and around the FORCE site in relation to this work:

·         Scotia Tide barge
·         Atlantic Towing’s Beaver Barge
·         Tugs Fir, Hemlock, and Bear
·         Two support vessels (Nova Endeavor and Tidal Runner) for surveys, safety, and crew changes.

If you have questions about Cape Sharp Tidal’s work, you can contact Stacey Pineau at 506-478-0596 or

As always, it may be possible to view activity online via video streaming (