FORCE Announces New Board Director: Ken Paul

Efforts to understand the potential of tidal energy to play a role in Nova Scotia’s clean energy future took another step forward today, with the appointment of Ken Paul to the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) board of directors.
“In-stream tidal technology has the potential to help us address climate change and become a cleaner energy province,” said FORCE general manager Tony Wright. “The industry is growing worldwide, but this is still a new technology in the Bay of Fundy – getting this right will take sound leadership. That’s why I’m honoured to announce the appointment of Ken Paul to the board: his leadership in First Nations fisheries and the environment in the Atlantic region will be a real asset to FORCE.”
Ken Paul currently serves as Director of Fisheries and Integrated Resources for the Atlantic Policy Congress (APC) of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat, a policy research and advocacy sectretariat for 32 Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Innu Chiefs, Nations and Communities. Mr. Paul is primarily responsible for supporting the commercial fisheries and aquaculture among the 30 First Nation communities across the Atlantic/Gaspé region. He has also helped to facilitate work in renewable energy, environment, and climate change in the region.
“Tidal energy is an important opportunity for our region, and I look forward to contributing to its success,” said Mr. Paul. “I’m glad to be involved.”
Mr. Paul holds a bachelor of science from Dalhousie University, and has training in leadership, policy development, mediation, labour relations and First Nations governance. He has worked as an engineer and hydrographer with the Canadian Hydrographic Service, leading multibeam seabottom mapping operations.  He has also worked as a Senior Aboriginal Policy Advisor and a Field Unit Superintendent for Parks Canada, and worked with the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq in 2010 to set up the Mi’kmaw Conservation Group, which is responsible for technical and watershed fisheries work.
“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Ken Paul to the FORCE board – he brings a very relevant skill set and will be a strong voice for good governance,” said FORCE chair Janet MacMillan. “Meeting the challenge of ‘the Fundy standard’ means attracting not only the best technologies, but the best people. Together we’re working to understand if we can safely generate clean, renewable energy from the world’s highest tides.”
Wright added: “We’re very fortunate to attract great people to our board and staff. Working in the Minas Passage is always an exciting challenge, and our team continues to strengthen our role as both host and steward to the FORCE test site.”
FORCE is Canada’s lead test facility for in-stream tidal energy technology, located in the Bay of Fundy. As a not-for-profit research lab, FORCE collaborates with government, industry, academia and the public to better understand if this technology can play a safe, effective role in Canada’s energy future. Since 2009, FORCE has built the electrical infrastructure to allow in-stream devices to deliver power to the provincial grid, and in partnership with academic and research institutions, invested $15 million in research, monitoring and the Fundy Advanced Sensor Technology program, increasing understanding and scientific knowledge of the Minas Passage. FORCE receives funding support from the Government of Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia, and participating developers.
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