The tidal flow through the Minas Passage boasts 14 billion tonnes of water, moving at speeds in excess of five meters per second. Understanding this powerful environment is critical to successful turbine design, environmental effects monitoring, and ultimately unlocking Fundy’s enormous energy potential.

FORCE created the Fundy Advanced Sensor Technology (FAST) program to advance efforts to monitor and characterize the FORCE site.

FAST combines both onshore and offshore monitoring assets. MANDATORY PUBLISHING CREDIT: Darren Pittman/ImagesEastA focus of FAST has been the development of two underwater monitoring platforms. The platforms use a variety of onboard sensing equipment to capture data from the Minas Passage, including:

  • Currents and turbulence
  • Marine life activity
  • Noise levels
  • Seabed stability

The entire FAST program includes subsea data collection, subsea data cable installation, shore-based radar and meteorological equipment, as well as platform fabrication, instrumentation, and deployment. FAST is supported by Encana Corporation, Natural Resources Canada, and FORCE developers.

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