Advisory: Marine Activity Continues at FORCE

FORCE and its partners are entering a period of frequent and ongoing activity at locations including the Parrsboro wharf, West Bay, and the FORCE site in the Minas Passage.

These exercises relate both to turbine deployment preparation as well as underwater monitoring platform trials, deployment, and data capture.

Vessels, barges, and personnel may enter and exit the Parrsboro wharf from time to time. Activities may also include crane use, necessitating brief delays in wharf access. FORCE will work with all wharf users in an effort to minimize disruption to routine activities.

The public is welcome to observe marine operations from the FORCE visitor centre, open Thurs – Mon, 10AM-5PM, until November 9.

At any time, it may be possible to view activity online via video streaming:

We thank area residents for their ongoing support, and apologize for any inconvenience during operations.

Thank you.

Operations contact:
Mary McPhee