Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Project: Archaeological Resource Impact Assesment

In November 2009, Davis MacIntyre & Associates Limited was contracted by Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) to conduct an archaeological resource impact assessment of the Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Project in Cumberland County.  The purpose of the assessment was to determine the potential for archaeological resources within the development zone and to provide recommendations for further mitigation if deemed necessary. This assessment was a follow-up to an earlier archaeological assessment conducted by Davis Archaeological Consultants Limited in October 2008 (HRP A2008NS72).  Since that time, the project location has been shifted approximately 200 metres east of the original development area, requiring an archaeological assessment of this new development area.  

This assessment was conducted under Category C Heritage Research Permit A2009NS115 issued by the Nova Scotia Heritage Division. This report conforms to the standards required by the Heritage Division under the Special Places program.

Report by: Davis MacIntyre & Associates Limited
(Principal Investigator: Stephen A. Davis. Report Compiled by: April D. MacIntyre & Stephen A. Davis)

This resource is also available as Appendix 9 in the 2010 Addendum to the FORCE Environmental Assessment.