Environmental Effects Monitoring Program Quarterly Report: July - September 2018

This report provides a summary of monitoring activities and data analysis completed at the FORCE site by FORCE and Cape Sharp Tidal Venture (CSTV) up to the end of the third quarter of 2018. In addition, it also highlights findings from international research efforts and previous data collection periods at the FORCE site.  

This report also highlights additional research work of FORCE and its partners. This includes supporting fish tagging efforts with Acadia University and the Ocean Tracking Network, radar research projects, and subsea instrumentation platform deployments through the Fundy Advanced Sensor Technology (FAST) Program.  

In July 2018, CSTV deployed and connected a two-megawatt OpenHydro turbine at ‘Berth D’ of the FORCE site. Shortly after its installation, near-field monitoring was not initially implemented due to the insolvency of OpenHydro. In August 2018, FORCE was contracted to complete additional near-field monitoring of the turbine including a hydroacoustic fish survey and the deployment of two hydrophones (i.e., underwater listening devices) approximately 35m from the deployed turbine. In addition, FORCE also increased the frequency of its shoreline observation program during this period. In early September 2018, a team from OpenHydro was able to re-instate the turbine-based monitoring instruments.  

At the point of publication (September 28th, 2018), a team from OpenHydro has confirmed that the turbine’s rotor is not turning. Further information regarding the turbine’s status, CSTV project updates, and contingency monitoring efforts, is included in this report and Appendix 1.