Test Requirements

New developers wishing to test their technology at FORCE will not be required to make an Environmental Assessment application to the Province of Nova Scotia or the Government of Canada , as long as the new device:

  • Occupies one of the four existing berths at FORCE;
  • Replaces one of the four turbines tested;
  • Is not predicted to have significantly different environmental impacts from the previous technologies tested.

The complete Environmental Assessment Registration Document for FORCE (Registered on June 17, 2009 under the Nova Scotia Environment Act), including the Terms and Conditions of Approval can be viewed at: www.gov.ns.ca/nse/ea.

Environmental assessment contacts for the Nova Scotia Provincial and Federal Governments regarding Tidal Power are, respectively: Steve Sanford, NS Department of the Environment and Mark McLean, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

New developers are responsible for obtaining the following Federal authorizations and/or permits prior to device deployment:

  • Fisheries Act (administered by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)) – Authorization pursuant to Section 32 for the destruction of fish, and Section 35(2) for the harmful alteration, disruption, and disruption of fish habitat. Visit the DFO website or contact Mark McLean for more information.
  • Navigable Waters Protection Act (administered by Transport Canada (TC) ) – A permit under Section 5 of the Navigable Waters Protection Act to allow construction in navigable water. Contact NWPA for detailed information and applications.
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act (administered by Environment Canada (EC) – An Ocean Disposal Permit under Section 127(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act if there is a requirement for the disposal of dredged material at sea. For more information visit their website.