Minas Tidal – IME – Tocardo

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Minas Tidal Limited Partnership (MTLP, Minas Tidal) is a partnership between International Marine Energy (IME) and Tocardo Tidal Power (Tocardo). IME is 50% owned by Ontario-based Tribute Resources Inc. and 50% by Alberta-based investor Mark Himmelspach. Tribute owns Western Tidal Holdings Ltd., a British Columbia-based tidal energy developer. Tocardo is a Dutch-based marine turbine supplier.

A15-23005 Tidal Turbines - Tocardo_18Minas Tidal plans to deploy four Tocardo semi-submersible platforms (Universal Foundation Platform Systems (UFS)) at FORCE, outfitted with four 250 KW T2 bi-directional open rotor turbine generators (1MW total for each UFS). Four UFS platforms will combine to make up the four megawatt allocation at FORCE. The floating submerged platform will be held in place by catenary mooring systems. Minas Tidal plans to begin the first platform deployment in 2017.

A15-23005 Tidal Turbines - Tocardo_41Tocardo currently has a portfolio of ten single or array-connected tidal turbines in service in the Netherlands near Texel island, at Afsluitdijk in Den Oever, located at the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. In 2016, Tocardo entered into a 20 year contract with the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland to install and operate a pre-commercial array with work commencing in early 2017. Tocardo’s first prototypes were installed eight years ago and remain in operation.