Black Rock Tidal Power

Founded in 2013 and located in Halifax, Black Rock Tidal Power is a privately-owned company offering tailor-made tidal energy converter systems and related services for the Bay of Fundy, as well as other tidal and river applications.

BRTP is a system-integrator that delivers cost-effective, turn-key solutions of in-stream tidal power generation. It is specialized in the development and implementation of TidalStream Triton platforms that carry a multitude of SCHOTTEL STG tidal turbines.

BRTP is collaborating with a team of experienced Nova Scotia experts to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the technology at the Fundy Ocean Research Center of Energy (FORCE).

Most of the existing tidal current energy systems that have been deployed to date are single turbines designed to rest on the seabed.

The single turbine approach leads to enormous machines. Besides the high capital expenses for these huge machines, the operating expenses are significantly driven by the necessity to transport the devices to a maintenance base, requiring heavy gear, expensive vessels and suitable onshore infrastructure.

BRTP is directly addressing these cost drivers with a unique approach that combines the innovative TRITON platform developed by TidalStream, which is semi-submerged, floating and freely rotates to the flow, with inexpensive small and robust STG tidal turbines made by SCHOTTEL.

A gravity base foundation is used to anchor the platform system and lowered down to the seabed prior to the final installation. The whole structure is assembled at shore and then towed out to the installation location.

TRITON S36 supports 36 lightweight horizontal axis SCHOTTEL STG turbines and related electrical power conversion equipment for the autonomous production of 2.5MW of electrical power in high tidal flow velocities.