Black Rock Tidal Power

Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP) is a Halifax-based Canadian company, whose parent company SCHOTTEL Hydro is a tidal turbine developer based in Germany. BRTP is developing and installing tidal energy platforms carrying SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines (SIT 250) for deployment in the Bay of Fundy. Initial testing is taking place in Nova Scotia with a demonstration of a PLAT-I platform at Grand Passage near Digby.

BRTP has teamed up with Scottish-based company Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd. (SME) to use their platform technology PLAT-I for their project at FORCE. The PLAT-I system is assembled onshore in Nova Scotia and towed out to site where it is anchored to the seabed with SME’s proprietary low-impact rock anchoring system. This removes the requirement for gravity base foundations.

PLAT-I will support six 70kW SITs for a total installed capacity of 420kW. The lightweight horizontal axis turbines can be lifted out of the water with the platform at site for maintenance and diagnostic operations. Power conditioning and platform control systems are located above the water line in the hulls of the platform and are accessible at any time.

BRTP is deploying the first PLAT-I at Grand Passage in 2018. This platform has previously been tested by SME in Scotland and has four SITs for a total installed capacity of 280kW.