Black Rock Tidal Power

Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP) is a Halifax-based Canadian company, with parent company SCHOTTEL Hydro (Germany). BRTP is developing and installing its TRITON platforms carrying an array of SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines (SIT 250) in the Bay of Fundy with plans to deploy throughout the Americas.

A gravity base foundation is used to anchor the platform system and lowered down to the seabed prior to the final installation. The whole structure is assembled at shore and then towed out to the installation location.


TRITON S40 supports 40 lightweight horizontal axis SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines and related electrical power conversion equipment for the autonomous production of 2.5MW of electrical power in high tidal flow velocities. The floater is tethered to a single point mooring and is self-aligning to the flow direction. Power conversion and control systems are located inside the surface piercing hulls and are accessible at any time. The platform can be raised to the surface by de-ballasting for turbine maintenance.

BRTP is a recent entrant to the technology field based on SCHOTTEL’s experience as a successful propulsion system designer and fabricator – building vessel propulsion systems with power ratings up to 30MW.