Atlantis / DP Energy

DP Energy and Atlantis formed a partnership to demonstrate a turbine array at FORCE: Atlantis Operations Canada Limited (AOCL). AOCL is the leaseholder of a berth at the FORCE facility in Canada, which was awarded a 4.5MW feed-in-tariff by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy in December 2014. Atlantis and DP Energy are now working with FORCE, the Department of Energy in Nova Scotia, the local supply chain, business owners, the North American investment community and local stakeholders to develop the joint project.

Financing and front end engineering design is expected to be completed in 2016, in anticipation of an offshore construction commencing in 2017.

Atlantis’ 1.5-megawatt tidal turbine, the AR1500, is designed to facilitate operation in highly energetic tidal locations. The AR1500 turbine will be one of the largest single rotor turbines ever developed and will have active rotor pitch and full nacelle yaw rotation.  Atlantis has deployed and operated a similar 1MW turbine in the North Atlantic off Orkney, Scotland.