Atlantis Operations Canada Ltd. (AOCL)

AOCL is a joint partnership between Atlantis Resources Ltd. and Rio Fundo Ltd. (a DP Energy affiliate) to demonstrate a turbine array at FORCE. AOCL was awarded a 4.5MW feed-in-tariff by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy in December 2014.

Atlantis recently deployed a combination of one AR1500 and three Andritz Hydro Hammerfest tidal stream turbines in the UK. Atlantis’ 1.5-megawatt tidal turbine, the AR1500, is designed to facilitate operation in highly energetic tidal locations. The AR1500 turbine is one of the largest single rotor turbines ever developed and will have active rotor pitch and full nacelle yaw rotation.

In Februrary 2017, Atlantis announced the AR1500 tidal stream turbine had been deployed and energized at their 400MW MeyGen project site in the Pentland Firth, Scotland, following earlier connection of its wet mate connection management system.

The AR1500 is the fourth turbine that has been deployed offshore and connected to the grid onshore at a control building at Ness of Quoys in Caithness.