Q3 Environmental Monitoring Report

FORCE’s third quarter environmental effects monitoring (EEM) report is now online, which contains operational summaries from third-party researchers for July 1 – September 30, 2017.

FORCE’s EEM program now includes approximately 216 hours of fish surveys, more than 1,000 ‘C-POD days’ as part of FORCE’s marine mammal monitoring, 22 seabird surveys, bi-weekly beach surveys, and four marine noise surveys.

The EEM work supports FORCE’s ongoing mandate to collect and share data on with regulators, industry, the scientific community and the public, to better understand if in-stream tidal energy can play a safe, viable role in Nova Scotia’s long-term energy mix.

Monitoring work continues to be a central focus of FORCE staff and research partners, with four of FORCE’s eight full-time employees devoted to data collection and program management.