FORCE’s Environmental Effects Monitoring Program (EEMP) began in September 2009, prior to the deployment any turbine.

Our EEMP is reviewed by an independent Environmental Monitoring Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations to FORCE on the design of the monitoring program.

Our EEMP fulfills reporting requirements for environmental monitoring under both the Fisheries Act Authorization (Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)) and the provincial Environmental Assessment (EA).

FORCE Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan (EEMP) – March 2016

Environmental Monitoring Advisory Committee (EMAC) Recommendations re: FORCE EEMP – March 2016
Consultant’s Report [SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.] – June 2015
DFO Review of the Environmental Effects Monitoring Program for the Tidal Energy Project (2016)
NSE Recommendation Letter June 20 2016
DFO EEMP Recommendation Letter  June 20 2016

FORCE Environmental Effects Monitoring Report (2011-2013)

Appendix A: Seabird and Marine Mammal Surveys (2011)
Appendix B: Seabird and Marine Mammal Surveys (2012)
Appendix C: Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Cetacean Activity and Movement in Minas Passage: Pre-Turbine Baseline Conditions (2011-2012)
Appendix D: Acoustic Tracking of Fish Movements in the Minas Passage and FORCE Demonstration Area: Pre-turbine Baseline Studies (2011-2013)
Appendix E: 2013 Investigation of Temporal Patterns in Fish Presence and Abundance at Intertidal Weirs in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy
Appendix F: Minas Passage Lobster Tracking Study (2011-2012)
Appendix G: Acoustic (Noise) Monitoring in the Bay of Fundy
Appendix H: Bottom Substrate and Associated Epibenthic Biota of the FORCE Tidal Energy Test Site in Minas Passage
Appendix I: Assessment of Potential Ecosystem Effects from Electromagnetic Fields

The full 2011-2013 EEMP report with all appendices (as a single document) exceeds our upload limit. It may be obtained via file transfer by emailing

Previous reporting:

FORCE Environmental Effects Monitoring Report (2011)

Appendix A: Environmental Impact Predictions
Appendix B: NSPI Deployment and Recovery
Appendix C: Seabird and Marine Mammal Survey
Appendix D: Marine Mammal Detection
Appendix E: Lobster Surveys Final Report
Appendix F: Fish Migration Literature Review
Appendix G: Drift Net Report
Appendix H: Fish Surveys
Appendix I: Fish Tracking
Appendix J: Side Scan Sonar Survey
Appendix K: Suspended Sediment Monitoring

Environmental Effect Monitoring Report (2011) (including appendices)

FORCE Response to DFO