Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment (2009)

The FORCE project was assessed under a joint federal – provincial Environmental Assessment (EA) review process, which considered multiple subsea turbine generators, subsea cables connecting the turbines to land-based infrastructure, an onshore transformer substation, and power lines connecting to the local power distribution system.

The following materials were submitted as a part of the EA process; the project received EA approval on September 15, 2009.

Environmental Assessment Registration Document

Appendix 1: Federal – Provincial Environmental Assessment Agreement (Draft)
Appendix 2: Device Plans and Scaled Drawings
Appendix 3: Geology, Bathymetry, Ice and Seismic Conditions (Fader 2009)
Appendix 4: Benthic Communities (Envirosphere 2009a)
Appendix 5: Currents in Minas Basin (Oceans Ltd. 2009)
Appendix 6: Physical Oceanography (Envirosphere 2009b)
Appendix 7: Marine Seabirds and Marine Mammals (Envirosphere 2009c)
Appendix 8: Terrestrial and Intertidal Environments (Envirosphere 2009d)
Appendix 9: Commercial Fisheries Studies-Phase I and Phase II (CEF Consultants Ltd., 2008, 2009)
Appendix 10: Archaeological Assessment (Davis Archaeological Consultants Ltd., 2008)
Appendix 11: Invitations to Public Participation
Appendix 12: Marine Transportation Study (Gartner Lee Ltd. 2008)

Minister’s Decision
Public Notice

Environmental Assessment Addendum (2010)

The Addendum focuses on the changes to the FORCE project since initial approval, principally:

  • the relocation of the shore facility approximately 200 m east of its original site, and
  • inclusion of a fourth berth and cable within the approved Crown Lease area


EA Addendum Report

Appendix A: Provincial Conditions of Environmental Assessment Approval (September 15, 2009)
Appendix B: Correspondence with NSE regarding changes to the Project
Appendix C: Wetland Delineation for Fundy Tidal Power Demonstration Site – Shore Facility (Marbicon Inc. 2010)
Appendix D: Botanical Survey, Fundy Tidal Power Demonstration Site – Shore Facility (Marbicon Inc. 2009)
Appendix E: Terrestrial Bird Survey, Minas Passage Tidal Demonstration Site – Shore Facilities and Cable Landfall, June – September 2009 (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2009a)
Appendix F: Seabed Video and Photographic Surveys
– Nearshore Cable Route Stations (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2010a)
– Berth A and Cable Route (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2010b)
– Berth B and Cable Route (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2010c)
– Berth C and Cable Route (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2009b)
Appendix G: Oceanographic Survey, Oceanographic Measurements – Salinity, Temperature & Turbidity, Minas Passage Study Site, August 2008 – March 2009 (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2009c)
Appendix H: Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveys, Tidal Energy Demonstration Site – Minas Passage, 2009 (Envirosphere Consultants Ltd. 2009d)
Appendix I: Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Project: Archaeological Resource Impact Assessment (Heritage Research Permit A2009NS115) (Davis MacIntyre & Associates Limited 2009)
Appendix J: Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Project, Lobster Catch Monitoring, Analysis and Results from Two Fall Surveys: September 25 – October 3 and November 5 – 18, 2009 (CEF Consultants Ltd. 2010)
Appendix K: Phase I – Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia Including the Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Project Site, Mi‘kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study (Membertou Geomatics Consultants 2009)
Appendix L: Minas Basin Tidal Energy, Marine Route Engineering Report, March 2010 (International Telecom 2010)
Appendix M:Table: Summary Mitigation and Follow-Up Measures From the Original EA (AECOM, 2009)