FORCE is a catalyst to the safe and successful advance of in-stream tidal energy technology. FORCE promotes innovation and development by lowering barriers to experimentation, demonstration, monitoring and analysis of tidal energy generation.  We do this by providing common facilities and “soft infrastructure” such as permits and approvals, monitoring and environmental science, and know-how including:

  • Shared Infrastructure, services, insurance, environmental monitoring and resource research;
  • Collaborative approach to environmental management;
  • An objective, non-profit, and credible source of information; and
  • A venue for engaging the entire range of stakeholders and partners that includes: local communities, environmentalists, fishers, First Nations, regulators, scientific community, marine service industry, tourism, education, utilities, manufacturers, tidal in stream energy developers and the Province of Nova Scotia – the tidal resource owner.

Our shared infrastructure consists of four berths connected by submarine cable to shore-based underground cable ducts and an electrical substation.  Our facility is connected directly to the Nova Scotia electrical grid via a purpose-built 10 km transmission line.  Our 370 sq m facility houses both a visitor centre and research facilities.