Eight key objectives govern FORCE operations:

  1. To undertake the environmental assessment and application for permitting and approval of the demonstration facility for those parts of the facility which are common to all developers.
  2. To own and operate a tidal energy demonstration facility in Nova Scotia to test and demonstrate in-stream tidal energy devices designed to convert tidal kinetic energy to electrical energy.
  3. To undertake on-going environmental monitoring as required to meet the terms and conditions of the facility lease.
  4. To ensure the proper controls are put in place to protect intellectual property.
  5. To enable the acquisition of information and knowledge necessary to assess the applications of tidal energy devices including the performance of tidal energy devices, their effect on the environment and the effect of the environment on the devices.
  6. To ensure that key stakeholders and existing users of the Bay of Fundy are informed, consulted with and actively involved in activities undertaken at the facility (ie. installation/maintenance to not conflict with active fishing season or sensitive spawning/ migration periods).
  7. To be a catalyst for the creation of a new marine energy industry in the Province, including the development of value added manufacturing, and development of services for the deployment, maintenance, inspection, repair, and decommissioning of tidal energy devices.
  8. As financial resources become available, to create a world class facility for tidal energy and tidal energy devices that:
  • Supports research and development studies and works, including the development of industry standards, respecting tidal energy and tidal energy devices;
  • Enables local research to be understood in the context of global research including hosting workshops and conferences to bring together world experts;
  • Educates, develops awareness, trains people and disseminates results and findings respecting tidal energy and tidal energy devices and technologies learned from operating the tidal demonstration facility.