Advisory Committees

FORCE’s mandate includes respecting the environment and community within which we work.

The Environmental Monitoring Advisory Committee (EMAC) studies potential turbine effects on the environment. Membership includes representatives from scientific, First Nations, and fishing communities. EMAC is intended to look at the design of the project and monitoring its effects through an adaptive management approach. Adaptive management allows for continual program improvement – from the design of the project to the monitoring process itself – revising and adapting as the results come in. This ensures that the most relevant information on environmental impacts is being measured and evaluated, and allows input from expert scientific knowledge and traditional ecological advice to guide the process.

EMAC members meet regularly, hold membership for a two-year term and adhere to EMAC terms of reference.

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) links the project to the Cumberland community, sharing information on test site, developer activity, and the community. This continues to be an effective forum to resolve issues, stay informed, and work collaboratively.

CLC membership includes the general public, local government, fishers, members of the Mi’kmaq community and tidal energy developers.  Our CLC members meet regularly, hold membership on an annual term and adhere to our CLC terms of reference.

EMAC Minutes

EMAC Nov 2009
EMAC Jan 2010
EMAC Feb 2010
EMAC Mar 2010
EMAC May 2010
EMAC Feb 2011
EMAC Mar 2011
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CLC Minutes

CLC Oct 2009
FORCE presentation Oct 2009
NS Power presentation Oct 2009
CLC Apr 2010
CLC Nov 2010
CLC May 2012 minutes
CLC Sept 2012 minutes
CLC Sept 2012 update
CLC Nov 2013 minutes
CLC Nov 2013 Highlights
CLC Nov 2013 EEMP update
CLC May 2014 Minutes
CLC May 2014 EEMP Update
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Other Materials

EMAC recommendations to FORCE on 2010 Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan (EEMP)
FORCE response to EMAC recommendations June 2010

EMAC 2011 recommendations
FORCE response to EMAC 2011 recommendations

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